NEC M311X – Featured-packed projector


Gets you a new presentation device, 3100-lumen NEC M311X, a perfect and an easy-to-use, budget-friendly portable projector. A perfect projector which is excellent for education and small and medium sized business environments that need powerful features. Includes bright images, automatic technologies and eco-friendly appeal. Having wireless imaging utility(WIU) which enables users to send an image from their iPad directly to M311X, Crestron room view aids in emergency messaging.

The NEC M311X projector delivers lamp life up to 10,000 hours with a high contrast ratio of 3000:1. Integrated with advanced networking capabilities that are coupled with dual VGA, HDMI and USB inputs. This makes it a powerful tool for classroom and conference room use which includes all in healthcare environments where its DICOM Simulation technology is utilized.


The environment is placed in mind with ECO Mode technology, extended filter life, a carbon savings meter integrated with energy-saving features like quick startup and direct power off. The M311X includes the same lamp “NP15LP” as its predecessor (M300X) which let this accessory to be compatible for customers planning a facility refresh but uses their existing lamp’s full lifecycle.


Designed to deliver highly-functional and environmental-friendly features. Having bright 3100 lumens which makes it usable in almost any room, works particularly well in medium sized offices and classrooms. With its 3100 lumens, it enables the projector which is projected to make notes at the same time. Integrated with impressive 3100 lumens from a projector with small, sleek and stylish design to attract attention for all the correct reasons. A long lamp-life of 5000hrs which guarantees to save you both time and money ensuring hassle-free and long lasting projection.


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