Google Presents Best Android Apps of 2012

Google updated a great combination of utility, beauty and accessibility apps that offer a great user experience on both the tablets and phones. Introducing the best Android apps of 2012 year.

Best Android Apps


Zappos let users to get the latest style trends for men, women, children, added with free shipping and free returns. Experience the complete convenience of portability to browse footwear, clothing, bags, free shipping and free returns all in the palm of your hand.

Best Android Apps


Experience an easy-to-use and free app that helps you remember everything over the devices you use. Make yourself organized, save your creative ideas and improve the productivity. Evernote allow users to take notes, capture images, record voice reminders, create to-do lists and make these notes completely searchable whether you are at your house or on the go.

Best Android Apps


Discover, collect and share inspiration among your friends with Pinterest. Pin all the images from , explore all the pins and boards in which you are interested in. Get inspiration from DIY, travel, food and some other categories. Organize and plan some important projects and more.

Best Android Apps

Grimm’s Snow white:

Enjoy the most popular award-winning series of interactive pop-up fairy tale books for children that comes to Android with a brand new story. Join snow white in her adventures with the seven dwarves where she tries to escape the wicked queen with her poisoned potions. Delivering you highly interactive reading experience for children available with pop-up scenes featuring 3D games and puzzles that draws all the children more deeper into the story.



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  1. I agree COMPLETELY! Applications are able to make life better organized, business more manageable and tasks easier to remember… Applications make life and business MUCH more productive.

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