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Samsung Galaxy S4 Revealed Its EXIF Data


After S1,S2, S3 and now it’s S4 turn to blast out the Mobile Technology Market. Samsung reveals some information and its images on Google+. Samsung Galaxy S4 will run a more mature version of Android 4.2 and next generation TouchWiz skin on the top.

Rumors says that S4 will also run off a different operating system known as Tizen. Another variant could be used as a blue print for s decent alternative handset. Samsung brings out the Galaxy S4 to coincide with the next version of Android from Google which is known as Key lime Pie.


Samsung Galaxy S4 features 10 MP camera according to a snap shown on Picassa. Designed in a double-edged sword where plastic is used to keep the handset light and nice. Highly equipped with a 1.8GHz 8-core Exynos 5 Octa processor and a 4.99-inch 1080p full HD display. This perfect Android smartphone is to feature a 13-megapixel rear camera, 4G LTE connectivity, 2 GB of RAM and wireless charging capabilities. Included with Exynos 5 Octa CPU, Mali-T658 GPU, 4.99 Super AMOLED Full HD resolution display, 2 mega-pixel front facing camera.s4-hammer

Recently it is reported that the Galaxy S 4 model name for Sprint will be SPH-D806, while one for Verizon should be called SCH-V727. The device is expected to hit the store shelves in early June.


Experience blind typing with Fleksy’s new Keyboard app

Fleksy's new Keyboard AppHave you got stucked with some electric pole, vehicle or any wall while typing text in your phone? Here’s introducing a magic keypad in your phone to make you type blindly on the go. Flesky have made this best-proven technology. Using QWERTY layout and coupled it with probably the most powerful text prediction engine out there. This technology let users to type message on the familiar keyboard layout by just tapping on the screen. The patent pending technology does not need any accuracy, just tap it and it will automatically detect the content you want to enter, even if you have missed any single key.

When you type on your smartphone, you must get frustrated. Despite the continuos improvements in both the user interface and prediction engine, total 1/3 of the smartphone users have rated the typing experience very good or excellent.

According to Nokia research conducted, 83% of users prefer entering content on a QWERTY layout keyboard with less than 8% of users preferring dictation.Typing on a touch screen frustrates and have different implications to the application of mobile computing. Preventing such devices from being used for text creation and causes hesitation in their adoption in the enterprise sector.

Fleksy’s new Keyboard App offers the new typing experience have been used by thousands of blind and visually impaired users to type easier and faster than many other sighted people. Revolutionizing the way people think about mobile devices and to challenge the various traditional barriers in touch-screen typing for everyone.